Dental Tourism Patients' Testimonials

I was really nervous before I came to your clinic, but the entire procedural experience (all visits) has literally been pain-free. I would strongly recommend Dr. Bhavdeep to anyone who is looking for painless dental care.

Thank you, doctor for answering all my questions, explaining everything, clearing my doubts and giving me all the options for treatment & above all helping me in making the right choice. I have seen you as one dentist who doesn't want to mint extra money from NRI's. Thank you again!

Thanks a zillion for the excellent service you have rendered to me. I am highly satisfied with my teeth.

Dr. Bhavdeep Ahuja's dental service continues to amaze me. I really appreciate you for being so easy to reach personally unlike other doctors (phone, e-mail, call-back etc.). Keep up the great work!

It was a long, extensive procedure & I was very nervous, but everything went fine in a pre-planned manner as explained to me. I especially liked that Dr. Ahuja gave me a break in the procedure every few minutes to provide some rest to my jaw. Thank you for making it a great experience for me.

I am not a very easily satisfied person, especially when it comes to my teeth. I saw a number of dentists and they all wanted to sell me something I didn't want. Then I met Dr. Ahuja. He was very clear in his thought & approach and recommended me what I really needed. The big thing – I am a very satisfied man after my dental experience & very happy to recommend him.

Thanks Dr. Ahuja - I happened to visit Dr. Ahuja's Dentech Smiles Dental Clinic & Implant Centre for my treatment. I really thank Dr Ahuja for correcting my crooked smile, doing my RCT's painlessly and restoring them with tooth coloured crowns and believe me all this was done at a lightning speed with minimum sittings and above all to my utmost satisfaction and at a genuine price. I have recommended my friends to Dr. Ahuja. I just visited his webpage @ and I was shell-shocked to see him being so educated at a so young age. Hats off, Sir.

Dr. Bhavdeep Ahuja offers a very friendly and professional service and I am extremely happy with the work I have had done and will be recommending Dr. Bhavdeep's clinic to my friends and family.‎

Great work, Dr Ahuja - Hats off to you Sir, for making me smile again. I am really amazed at what all you have achieved in terms of credentials at this young age. Time should make you only better. My blessings and best wishes to you doc.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bhavdeep Singh for many years and have nothing less than highest praise for him. He is a true visionary & a master of his profession. He really cares for each patient on all levels, not just their teeth but their pockets as well. His attention paying attitude coupled with his dedication is remarkable in today's times.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ahuja since 2003. His knowledge and expertise of dentistry create a feeling that, as a patient, you are in good safe hands.

I was very skeptical about my treatment from Dr. Ahuja but on insistence of my sister who had been largely satisfied with him, I reluctantly went to him. I was kind of OK with his treatment, though he treated me nicely. I went back to Australia and showed it to my Dentist in NSW, Australia who was really impressed with his work. From thereon, the faith developed on him (though it was wrong on my part to initially doubt his credentials) so much so that every summer whenever I come to India, me or any of my family member do visit him for treatment. His Clinic surroundings give a soothing experience to the on looker. Thanks Dr. Ahuja