About Us Mission Statement

My mission is to provide the best possible dental care in a state-of-the-art environment with careful attention to detail. The aim is to treat the patients with compassion, excellence and try to lifetime dentist-patient relationship based on mutual trust, excellent service. Also, I take special interest in removing the phobia of dental treatment in patients who may have had difficulty before or may be avoiding dental treatment because of any past bad dental experience. Patients are administered the treatment with a sense of care, comfort & kindness to give them a satisfactory smile. My mission at Dentech Smiles Dental Clinic & Implant Centre includes educating the patients in dentistry through live demonstrations, videos, interactive instructions and internet distance learning by offering downloads from the website. I believe that dentists as health care providers should leave no creative path unexplored to create dental awareness to the fullest.

In my Clinic, it is a conscious effort to do 10-14 quality patients in a day rather than going for a large number of waiting patients and creating a mess of all. I try to make it an absolutely zero waiting for the patients who have a prior appointment with me realizing the fact that your time is very important, especially in today's busy society. I believe in total patient satisfaction by offering individualized dental care & I don't hesitate to accept and rectify any mistakes if they are incorporated in my treatments by any chance. I believe in giving full value of money to my patients and believe in the fact in totality that patients are GOD for me.

Even many years after I set up my clinic, I still adhere to these principles. This allows us the time to listen to your questions, rather than rushing you through an appointment. If you need extra time to get numb, you have got it. If you have extra questions at the end of a procedure, we encourage you to ask them.

The Core Values include commitment to the following:

  • Best possible dental care and oral health as per patient needs.
  • Treatment with passion, excellence & virtuosity.
  • Patients total comfort with utmost care & understanding
  • Creation of an atmosphere of mutual trust & respect.
  • Continually educating the patients regarding dental health education.

The following guiding principles are applied in my Clinic:

  • Single Appointment: I see only one patient at a time (No double-appointments).
  • Honesty: I believe in honesty & integrity of character as a pathway to attain glory. (No overcharging or reckless treatment planning).
  • Modesty: I try to remain grounded even after what all I have achieved by God's grace at this age since my birth in 1976.
  • Responsibility: All instruments go through a 4 step process for sterilization & all these services are rendered with the latest techniques available.

I am committed to excellence in dentistry using the highest quality dental materials & superior laboratories. I have never felt the need to cut the corners in cost in my clinic & in certain critical procedures; I use high-powered magnification for dental treatment, thus allowing me to see problems undetectable by ordinary vision. I do take extra time with patients to answer all the queries sincerely believing in the fact that every patient has a right to know about their procedures with explanations. All this & many more comes at a very affordable price for the common Man.

It is unethical for dentists to criticize their fellow colleagues for any procedures. However, I stand behind my work with a promise to repair or replace any fixed restoration (filling or bridge) at no charge for one year or more as per your warranty clause presuming that you adhere to your recommended schedule of continuing care. Patients who do not floss or brush as they have been instructed or who do not come in for their check-ups must claim personal responsibility for any problems that occur.

I would like each dental visit to be a positive experience for you with a feeling that you are getting what you pay for and then some. In return, I just expect one thing from you - a Referral be it your own family, friend or acquaintance. I am just a call or sms away from you. I wish to help my patients enjoy the lifetime of complete dental health God planned for all of us.