Patient Education Latest in Dentistry BPS - Ivoclar Ivocap SR Denture Injection System

A BPS brand denture is the result of a coordinated system of products, instruments, set-up techniques and training which are available exclusively to certified dental professionals.
The SR Ivocap System produces highly accurate methyl methacrylate-based dentures. After mixing, the material is injected into the flask under pressure. Constant pressure is applied during polymerization. As the denture base material flows consistently, the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated.

  • Prevent sore spots caused by ill-fitting dentures.
  • BPS dentures ensure the most natural smile available today.
  • Provides optimum function while speaking, eating and/or laughing.
  • BPS dentures create the character of your smile.
  • Support your facial muscles improving overall appearance.
  • BPS dentures will restore the natural look of your lips.
  • Overall BPS dentures are life-like, comfortable, functional and durable.
  • No increase in vertical dimension
  • Homogeneous denture base
  • Optimally coordinated components
  • Estimated Cost Approx. Rs. 15,000 per Denture Set