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Air Abrasion is a technique applied instead of drilling, for removing decayed tooth, as well as for other dental treatments.

The instrument used for air abrasion has the semblance of a small sandblaster. Using this instrument, a mixture of extremely fine particles of baking soda, aluminum oxide, and silica are sprayed on to the surface of the tooth. These are sprayed with force, using compressed air or gas, through the hand-piece of the instrument. As the powered stream strikes the area, the decayed particles get sprayed off. The decayed portions that are thus removed are suctioned off after that

Air abrasion does have certain benefits over the conventional drilling of teeth. These are listed below:

  • Air abrasion does not cause sound, vibrations, pressure, or heat.
  • It lessens the need to anesthetize the area, especially if the cavity is not deep.
  • The damage caused to the healthy dental tissue is less when air abrasion is used.
  • The working arena remains dry when air abrasion is used. This is helpful when composite fillings are done.
  • Air abrasion lessens the risk of micro-fracturing and tooth chipping. This has long term benefits since it can lessen the possibility of restorative failures.
  • By using this technique a dentist can treat different points inside the mouth during the same visit.
  • It is a comparatively quick and simple procedure.