About Us Clinic Information

I opened up my Clinic "Dentech Smiles Dental Clinic & Implant Centre" with the dawn of this millenium on 1st January, 2000 in B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana.

The Clinic has two dental chair units, one of them being the latest state of the art setup and most of the modern equipment is available in the Clinic ranging from a RVG (Digital X-Ray) to an imported Physiodispenser to an Ultramodern Intra Oral Camera to the latest Autoclave. Sterilization is utmost importance in my Clinic along with proper Waste Management techniques & for both of the above, my Clinic has a Ultrasonic Cleaner for smaller instruments, Chair Side Glass Bead Sterilizer, UV Chamber/Sterilizer, Hot Air Oven , a heavy duty Needle Destroyer & Burner coupled with a Syringe Cutter. Also there are many other gadgets as well for securing total disinfections & general well being of the patients.

The Clinic has all kinds of latest dental facilities available ranging from Dental Implants and Over dentures, Crowns & Bridges, Complete & Partial Dentures, Piezoelectric Scaling, Esthetic fillings, Smile designing, Root Canal Treatment (both manual & rotary), Tooth Whitening systems, Air Abrasions, Fiber Bond Splinting, Pit & Fissure Sealants and Fluoride Application for kids, Surgical Extractions and Impactions of third molars, Surgical treatment of Gum diseases and the list goes on. I consider surgeries as my forte, specializing in all kinds of surgeries, be it gum surgeries or third molar surgeries or implant surgeries.

In the Clinic, it is a conscious effort to do 10-14 quality patients in a day rather than going for a large number of waiting patients and creating a mess of all. It is in the Clinic principles to make it an absolutely zero waiting for the patients who have a prior appointment with me. I believe in total patient satisfaction & don't hesitate to accept and rectify any mistakes if they are incorporated in my treatments by any chance. I believe in giving full value of money to my patients and believe in the fact in totality that patients are GOD for us. I am having a huge database of patients who are happy & satisfied with my services and that list includes a lot of NRI's as well along with the creme de la creme of Ludhiana.

On 31st Dec. 2009, my Clinic completed Ten (10) successful years & with the advent of 2010 & blessings & grace of the Almighty, I am into Eleventh year of my clinical practice. I am here because of the grace of Almighty and without HIM; I would not have been here where I am today at the age of 34.